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2020 Training Calendar

Find below a comprehensive list of Oil And Gas, HSE and Management course in Nigeria, Here is a full list

2020 training calendar. Click the to Apply to Apply for any course of your choice, contact us if you wish to arrange

your choice training to your company also contact if the course you wish to train on is close.

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Course Code Course Name Start Date Location Cost Status --
SISafety Induction 06/15/2020 Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, ₦40,000.00ClosedClosed
QMSQuality Managenment System (QMS) ISO 9001 06/15/2020 Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, ₦180,000.00ClosedClosed
FOETFOET 07/06/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦240,000.00ClosedClosed
EMSEnvironmental Management System(EMS) ISO 14001 06/15/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦180,000.00ClosedClosed
ICPPInstrumentation and Control in Process Plant 07/22/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦200,000.00OpenApply
EAMHErgonomics And Advance Manual Handling 09/15/2020 Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, ₦80,000.00OpenApply
RARisk Assessment 08/19/2020 Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, ₦30,000.00OpenApply
CSEConfine Space Entry 04/20/2020 Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, ₦80,000.00ClosedClosed
ioshIOSH Working Safely 02/11/2020 Port Harcourt₦130,000.00ClosedClosed
N FRMNEBOSH Fire and Risk Management 04/27/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦280,000.00ClosedClosed
N IGCNEBOSH IGC 02/17/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦280,000.00OpenApply
OSHA SOSHA Supervision 04/07/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦110,000.00ClosedClosed
OSHA SOSHA Specialist 04/20/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦50,000.00ClosedClosed
MSMarine Safety 06/01/2020 Port Harcourt, Lagos₦50,000.00ClosedClosed
FPFFFire Prevention and Fire Fighting 05/18/2020 Port Harcourt₦60,000.00ClosedClosed
ACSCAdvanced Constrution Safety Course 03/16/2020 Port Harcourt₦90,000.00ClosedClosed
DDJMDefensive Driving and Journey Management 02/17/2020 Port Harcourt₦60,000.00ClosedClosed
SKWMStore Keeping and Warehouse Management 02/24/2020 Port Harcourt₦80,000.00ClosedClosed
SSMSSafety and Security Management System 02/24/2020 Port Harcourt₦70,000.00ClosedClosed
OGPMOil and Gas Project Management 03/16/2020 Port Harcourt₦95,000.00ClosedClosed
OGPPOil and Gas Project Planning 11/25/2019 Port Harcourt₦95,000.00OpenApply
OGBDOil and Gas Business Developemnt 09/30/2019 Lagos₦90,000.00OpenApply
PSProcess Safety 02/03/2020 Port Harcourt₦80,000.00ClosedClosed
HLOHelicopter Landing Officer 10/07/2019 Port Harcourt₦80,000.00OpenApply
RSRiggers Safety 02/24/2020 Port Harcourt₦80,000.00ClosedClosed