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2019 Training Calendar

Find below a comprehensive list of Oil And Gas, HSE and Management course in Nigeria, Here is a full list

2019 training calendar. Click the to Apply to Apply for any course of your choice, contact us if you wish to arrange

your choice training to your company also contact if the course you wish to train on is close.

Course Code Course Name Start Date Location Cost Status --
EMCCEvent Management Crowd Control 09/23/2019 Port-Harcourt₦175,000.00OpenApply
EIMEmotional Intelligence for Managers 09/23/2019 Port-Harcourt₦170,000.00OpenApply
IAInternal Auditing 09/23/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
SSMSafety and Security Management 09/30/2019 Port-Harcourt₦200,000.00OpenApply
WCMWorkplace Conflict Management 09/30/2019 Port-Harcourt₦170,000.00OpenApply
HRMHuman Resource Management 09/30/2019 Port-Harcourt₦200,000.00OpenApply
ENTExecutive Negotiation and Technique 09/30/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
MSMMarketing and Sales Management 10/07/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
AOMAdvanced Office Management 07/01/2019 Port-Harcourt₦170,000.00OpenApply
CHMCatering and Hotel Management 10/07/2019 Port-Harcourt₦150,000.00OpenApply
QMSQuality Management System 10/07/2019 Port-Harcourt₦200,000.00OpenApply
SKWMStorekeeping and warehouse Management 10/14/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
SBMStrategic Brand Management 07/15/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
SPPMStrategic Procurement and Purchase Management 10/07/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
OGPMOil and Gas Project Management 10/07/2019 Port-Harcourt₦200,000.00OpenApply
OGBMOil and Gas Business Management 09/23/2019 Port-Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
OSHA MOSHA MANAGER COURSE 10/14/2019 Port Harcourt₦120,000.00OpenApply
GPDSSMGeneral Professional Diploma in Safety and Security Management 06/17/2019 Port Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
MGMachine Guarding and Compliance Training 09/23/2019 Port Harcourt₦120,000.00OpenApply
OGHAOil and Gas Hazard Awareness 09/30/2019 Port Harcourt₦90,000.00OpenApply
APDSSMAdvanced Professional Diploma in Safety and Security Management 09/30/2019 Port Harcourt₦150,000.00OpenApply
RFPRigging and Fall Protection 07/15/2019 Port Harcourt₦90,000.00OpenApply
AIAccident Investigation 10/14/2019 Port Harcourt₦60,000.00OpenApply
BOSIETBOSIET 09/23/2019 Port Harcourt₦240,000.00OpenApply
HUETHUET 10/14/2019 Port Harcourt₦170,000.00OpenApply