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Course Code:EMCC
Course Name:Event Management Crowd Control
Description:This course aims at equipping participants with the skill of effective planning and ability to prepare effectively, provide for contingencies and have a flexible and adaptable approach. Events big or small are successful when they run smoothly, adequate resources are provided for participants and attendee’s expectations are fully met. However, this course has been designed with the clear objective of training passionate, dedicated professionals who will be capable of covering leading roles in event management. Depending on their experience and interests, graduates will leave the programme with the required confidence to work in a variety of businesses and projects as event managers, conference managers, wedding planners, brand activation managers, sales and activation managers, party planners, sponsorship manager and exhibition managers, etc.
This program covers:
Event Project Life Cycle
• Identifying key players
• Classification of events
• Event project life cycle
• Managing internal and external changes
• Prebudgeting for events
• Evaluating the venue
• Feasibility studies
• Event promotion
• Safety and security
• Profiles of successful and unsuccessful events
• Concepts development and revenue generation in event management
• People management
• Strategic planning and evaluation in event management
• Essential elements of marketing
• Sponsorship management in event management
• Logistics and project management in event management
• Finance and budgeting
• Risk management
• Event management documentation and communication
• Legal elements of event management
• Digital marketing
Start Date:06/08/2020
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦175,000.00