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Course Code:IA
Course Name:Internal Auditing
Description:This course is designed to prepare participants on how to plan and perform audit work in line with the latest standards and best practice. It also enables participants learn how to set objectives for, plan and perform an internal audit, conduct informal opening and closing of meetings, gain the ability to confidently report findings and take corrective action, understand the implications of employee behavior on management systems audits.

This program will cover:
• Introduction to ISO 900I
• Introduction to internal audit.
• Roles and responsibilities of internal audit
• Internal Auditor training case studies
• Differences between internal and external audit.
• Basic legislation requirements.
• Conditions relevant for internal audit, internal control structures and corporate governance from an organizational perspective.
• Role of internal auditing in governance structures of large listed firms.
• Relevant laws and regulations in given cases.
• Risk assessments and developing plans for performing internal audits.
• Performance auditing
• Report writing
• Quality management system interpretation
• Audit procedures
• Auditor skills
• Pre-audit preparation
Start Date:05/11/2020
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦180,000.00