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Course Code:WCM
Course Name:Workplace Conflict Management
Description:This course is designed to help participants understand and manage workplace conflict, including high conflict situations. However, prevention is better than cure as workplace conflict is inevitable in any business thus it’s essential that all managers, supervisors and business leaders undergo conflict management training.
It also aims at introducing practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that mangers and team leaders can effectively utilize when managing conflict in the workplace. It should build on previous training, skills and knowledge of effective performance management.
This program covers:
Current Strategies for handling conflict in the Workplace
• Defining confrontation
• Identifying where you focus your attention and energy
• Role of managing conflict in the workplace
• Current conflict resolution strategies
• Presentation, practice sessions in pairs with co-coaching, facilitated group review
Conflict Styles
• Thomas kilman conflict mode instrument
• Recognizing different styles of conflict
• Recognizing your own preferred way of dealing with conflict
• Identifying the impact of different conflict styles
• Presentation, individual questionnaire and reflection, small group exercise and review
Process for Managing Conflict
• Crosby’s conflict process
• Reviewing different stages of the conflict process
• Recognizing contributions and potential conflict management strategies to change outcome
• Presentation, individual reflection and pairs exercise, group review
Influencing and assertiveness styles
• The wheel of influencing
• Nonverbal elements of influencing
• Stating wants
• Suggesting and proposing ideas
• Giving feedback
• Adapting to the situation with integrity
• Presentation, pairs exercise and practice, facilitated group review
Conflict resolution activities
• Testing out the use of current and new confrontation management strategies
• Practice sessions in pairs or trios, facilitated group review
Action planning and reflection
• Review of learning and action planning, course feedback
• Individual reflection and action planning exercise, facilitated group review
Start Date:08/17/2020
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦170,000.00