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Course Code:MSM
Course Name:Marketing and Sales Management
Description:This course is designed to provide a crystal clear understanding of sales operations and marketing functions as its focuses on the practical application of sales and marketing techniques equipping the candidate with the current trends in effective marketing strategies and sales skills for maximum input.
This program will cover:
• Penetration marketing
• Cost plus pricing
• Promotional mix
• Benefit of CRM and how it can boost business
• Affinity marketing and it benefit to marketer
• BTL &ATL marketing
• Channel conflicts
• By product &pricing
• The methods of selling: creating interest, giving demonstrations and making sales transactions
• The principles of selling and salesmanship
• Internal sales personnel and commercial travelling sales people
• Types and categories of consumers, commercial and corporate buyers
• Making ongoing sales, building customer relationships, generating and following up sales leads.
• The principle of management: recruiting, training, remunerating, controlling and motivating sales personnel.
• Building effective sales teams, setting and monitoring sales target, deciding upon sales areas.
• The organization and control of sales teams and the special issues regarding travelling sales men.
• Market research: consumer research, market surveys advertising research.
• The importance of research and the activities involve
• Reasons for understanding and the types of test marketing
• Techniques and importance sales forecasting.
• Planning budgeting, budgetary control in sales and marketing, variances and their implications.
• Segmentation of markets, the ro
Start Date:06/29/2020
Duration:5 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦180,000.00