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Course Code:SKWM
Course Name:Storekeeping and warehouse Management
Description:This course is aimed at providing participants with an appreciation of the need to control inventory, which represents a significant investment for an organization. They are provided with an insight on how their functions can affect profitability and are introduced to a range of modern techniques for securing the efficient storage of inventory.
The Store Function
• Purpose and responsibilities
• Reasons for holding stock
• Cost of holding stock
• The cost of poor service
Stores Layout and Equipment Selection
• Range of equipment
• Space utilization characteristics
• Rationale for selection
• Location system: fixed or random
• Essential working practices
• Securing
• Reducing stock loss
• Material identification
• Stock rotation
Store Documentation Data Collection
• Bar coding
• Receipts
• Data capture and transfer
• Certificate of conformance
• Computer application
Stock Records and Control
• ABC analysis
• Min-max systems
• Re-order systems
• Material requirement planning (MRP)
• Just-in-time (JIT)
Health and Safety
• Personal protective equipment
• Enforcement and law
• Accident reporting
• Environmental issues
Start Date:11/11/2019
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦180,000.00