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Course Code:OGPM
Course Name:Oil and Gas Project Management
Description:This course addresses the basic nature of managing general projects in the oil and gas industry and does not limit its focus to one type of project such as construction projects. Oil and gas project management training at Oil Train Institute will equip participants with the tools and techniques needed to deliver a successful oil and gas project. The use of projects and project management in the oil and gas industry is becoming more and more important for all kinds of organizations. Businesses regularly use project management to accomplish unique outcomes under the constraints of resources and effective implementation of project management techniques is one of the essential means of achieving an organizations strategy. However, this course is specifically designed to force participants to use knowledge and skills learned during the training by applying those skills in team based case study class exercises.
This program covers:
• Defining projects and project management.
• General overview of Project Management
• Core components of Project Management
• Project characteristics
• Project Stakeholders
• Roles of contractors/suppliers
• Project Team
• Project Charter
• Oil and Gas Project Communication
• Critical Path Method for Oil and Gas Projects
• Decision tools for Project Management in Oil and Gas Industry
• Decision making process
• Project schedule and forecast control
• Project Management Body of Knowledge
• Managing Oil and Gas Projects
• Communications management
• Project Risk Analysis
Start Date:06/15/2020
Duration:5 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦200,000.00