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Training Calendar

Course Code Course Name Start Date Location Cost Status --
OSHA MOSHA MANAGER COURSE 05/21/2018 Port Harcourt₦120,000.00ClosedClosed
GPDSSMGeneral Professional Diploma in Safety and Security Management 05/21/2018 Port Harcourt₦180,000.00ClosedClosed
MGMachine Guarding and Compliance Training 05/28/2018 Port Harcourt₦120,000.00OpenApply
OGHAOil and Gas Hazard Awareness 06/30/2018 Port Harcourt₦90,000.00OpenApply
APDSSMAdvanced Professional Diploma in Safety and Security Management 05/28/2018 Port Harcourt₦150,000.00OpenApply
RFPRigging and Fall Protection 07/31/2018 Port Harcourt₦60,000.00OpenApply
AIAccident Investigation 06/04/2018 Port Harcourt₦40,000.00OpenApply
BOSIETBOSIET 06/30/2018 Port Harcourt₦200,000.00OpenApply
HUETHUET 06/30/2018 Port Harcourt₦170,000.00OpenApply
SISafety Induction 02/05/2018 Port Harcourt₦30,000.00OpenApply
QMSQuality Managenment System (QMS) ISO 9001 03/05/2018 Port Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
FOETFOET 05/21/2018 Port Harcourt₦240,000.00ClosedClosed
EMSEnvironmental Management System(EMS) ISO 14001 07/31/2018 Port Harcourt₦180,000.00OpenApply
ICPPInstrumentation and Control in Process Plant 06/04/2018 Port Harcourt₦150,000.00OpenApply
EAMHErgonomics And Advance Manual Handling 08/31/2018 Port Harcourt₦40,000.00OpenApply
RARisk Assessment 05/28/2018 Port Harcourt₦30,000.00OpenApply
CSEConfine Space Entry 05/28/2018 Port Harcourt₦35,000.00OpenApply
ioshIOSH Working Saety 06/18/2018 Port Harcourt₦80,000.00OpenApply
N FRMNEBOSH Fire and Risk Management 05/07/2018 Port Harcourt₦280,000.00ClosedClosed
N IGCNEBOSH IGC 06/25/2018 Port Harcourt₦280,000.00OpenApply
OSHA SOSHA Supervision 06/04/2018 Port Harcourt₦110,000.00OpenApply
OSHA SOSHA Specialist 05/07/2018 Port Harcourt₦50,000.00ClosedClosed
MSMaring Safety 06/30/2018 Port Harcourt₦50,000.00OpenApply
FPFFFire Prevention and Fire Fighting 06/11/2018 Port Harcourt₦30,000.00OpenApply
ACSCAdvanced Constrution Safety Course 09/24/2018 Port Harcourt₦40,000.00OpenApply